Sunday, January 07, 2007

NEW: Free Database Development Studio

Just Released From Data Access Worldwide Of Miami.

Freeware database application development studio with no restrictions other than for personal use.

Visual What? has been our bane of existance because we utilize a world class development tool that isn't known by most developers. A Personal Edition of "VDF" is released is so that you can discover the power and rapid development abilities of this system which includes a PC/windows program creator, (WebApp) a web application extention (interface your data with the web), and (Electos) a dynamic content publishing website creator.

"Our most valuable asset is the easiest to market free", a quote by the CEO of Data Access Corp.

Here's the scoop: Visit my website for BOTH a free copy of Visual DataFlex AND a free personal rolodex application which shows the abilities of this tool. I personally am adding both a freeware application which anyone can use for personal reasons (see site for pic) and an offer for a discounted business version once you've decided that this system is desireable for business use.

Data Access is following the example of many other vendors such as MS SQL which now offers a free 25 user "Express SQL" with many of the development features removed from the product. NOT SO with the Personal Copy of Visual DataFlex: you get everything with the agreement that only personal use is allowed.

So, therefore, I offer this personal application which lets you auto-dial, email, save pictures of your contacts, save contact history, report on callback dates, and easily filter your entries by source of entry or category of entry plus letter writing options etc. It's a powerful application for real world personal use so that you can see the power of "VDF". There is also a link to video instruction in VDF where over an hour of presentation on concepts as applied to Visual DataFlex coding may be obtained from Sonata Software.US See: http://www.ApplauseSoftware.Com

The hope of Data Access is that the "geeks" out there (me being one) will download, play, and discover how great this system really is, and how easy it is to develop a rapid application deployment system whether it's PC based software, web data integration, or website CRM publishing.

It is my personal hope that my contribution will lead to new "VDF" developers in the near future. We have a camaraderie amongst "VDF" developers where we share code and help solve others problems and have a number of Newsgroups for help and support, plus a huge online help directory for personal research on the spot.

So, why not take a double freeware offer: the entire development system of a 4GL language which contains sample examples on how to implement usage, and a freeware personal example that you can use immediately with no cost or expiration date?

Quoting from the "Blues Brothers" movie: "It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses: HIT IT!"

Looking forward to seeing your name on the VDF newsgroup, sincerely Peter A Donovan.