Monday, November 12, 2007

RoloFlex Release: Press Release and Marketing

RoloFlex 12.5 Released November 2007
Featuring Visual DataFlex

Rated highly by submission to download sites listed herein, the RoloFlex CRM/PIM [customer relations management/personal information manager] is going out to major download sites and features the upgraded RoloFlex product released with the Visual DataFlex 12.1 platform.

The marketing effort for RoloFlex is just beginning!

Soon, RoloFlex will be available at most major download sites featuring anonymous download under the Visual DataFlex 12.1 evaluation period and subsequent registration/licensing when registered through
Under Construction: RoloFlex Time Tracker 12.5 for billing hours and invoicing.
Nearing Release Now: RoloFlex EMail Module, due for distribution on November 15 2007
Please Note the RoloFlex Blog Site for future news!
Sincerely, Peter and Kimberly Donovan