Friday, February 22, 2008

INCORRECT: Reports Of Visual DataFlex Corruption with Vista Home Edition: Read More!

Recently, Many blogs are picking up a report from a single source which is reporting that various software packages running under Vista Home editions experience corruption: NOT PROVEN.

This was my response to the earliest and most reputable blog I found with the post:
I am posting it here in case they decide to block my reply:

I am the owner/lead programmer of Applause Software in Boston, a Visual DataFlex business solutions firm, and I have a google watch on Visual DataFlex…

I would like to ask for details on your listing of Visual DataFlex in this list.It is unlikely that a Visual DataFlex application would cause data corruption in this environment, but it is very likely, that because programs written prior to the UAC of Vista came to being, that a VDF program trying to access a registry value could produce error messages that would be mistaken for corruption.

In addition, users of Visual DataFlex are not aware of the exact backend database used for their application since it could be one of many including Oracle, DataFlex embedded database, Pervasive, MS-SQL, or other backend.

I would like to offer my services to get to the heart of this matter and as a professional developer in the language for 25+ years I would like to challenge this information at the source and ask for a consultation with the firm reporting this information please.

Until then, please to anyone watching this thread with VDF kindly consult your system IT professional for more informative information prior to canning your application!

PS: Always make a backup! Don’t wait for a reason!

Thanks,Peter A Donovan
Applause Software of Boston
[ a google will find me ]

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