Saturday, March 15, 2008

EMail Marketing with Visual DataFlex Software

An amazing return on investment can be obtained from email marketing to your customer and/or prospect base...

... considering [as example] the “under $1,000” customized package available from Auto-Mate Software from longtime VB and VDF developer Garret Mott of the NEDC.

Once installed, you can instantly notify your entire market that new products are available, or write pre-written excellently worded letters that are sent to individuals when the need arises.

Layman’s terminology only:
1. Write an email. Edit carefully, proof, and save into a database using a windows program that guides you.
2. Select whom out of your database you’d like to send it to.
3. Click a button, and each of your prospects receives an individual email within minutes.

  • How to slice and dice your market:
  • Let’s assume you have a database with customers and prospects. If you don’t, it’s time to take this on. Your database contains vital information about each entry such as the zip code, state, type of account, balance, payment terms, etc.
  • What if you could instantly generate revenue for no cost? Let’s setup your email screen as Garret Mott would do for you. Select from a drop-down list “COD”, select “MA” (Massachusetts) and pick customers only. Write up an email offering 10% discount on orders in the next 48 hours, and send. When you feature a new product or listing on your website, why not let everyone know in a short email note?
  • The other use for this kind of tool is to respond to inquiries with pre-written letters, edited for presentation quality, available to send to individuals upon request of information. Each business model has a set number of popular inquiry topics that customers ask for. Currently, do you respond with ad-hoc written emails and mailing of literature? A pre-written letter send to the individual who requested the information actually takes less time and both makes a better presentation and offers a delivery vehicle to attach a .PDF document. No cost, improved results, and instant delivery.

These are the two most common uses for email marketing, but I’m sure you can think of more.

Are we all tired of the HTML emails that feature graphical art advertisements? The systems that I currently use feature plain text with links. They look like an individually typed email, and they are really. Many email recipients have “html off” as an option on their emails, so why send an email that only a portion of your readers will actually see?

Many ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have limits on how many emails you can send in an hour. We have found that options on your email sending package can spread these emails over the course of a day or two, or that simple negotiation with your ISP can unlock this limit. Many times a requirement that you include an “unsubscribe” link could be encountered, and is a good practice to include.
Generate income, keep in touch with your market, break news instantly, and respond more professionally to both sales and service opportunities.

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