Monday, May 05, 2008

Uniform & Linen Rental Plant Software Launched

A new software product for commercial textile rental plants (uniform & linen rental) will be launched this week from Applause Software of Boston.

Created in 20066, coming to market now, is RoloFlex UL.

A Sales and Marketing contact manager featuring custom proposal generator, email blaster, document management and scanning, market share analysis, targeted lead generation, and salesrep activity monitor, RoloFlex UL will be launched this week with a nationwide telemarketing campaign.

Based on a Visual DataFlex front-end, this product is years in the making and is singly the only PRO application available for the industry specifically.

There are approximately 400 commercial textile plants in the USA specializing in uniform rental and linen rental. The organization that forms the association for these companies is the Uniform Textile Service Association (UTSA) which features a publication and trade shows for the industry.

RoloFlex UL is currently featured on:

Author: Applause Software of Boston: Peter A Donovan

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