Sunday, May 24, 2009

RoloFlex PRO 2009 based on VDF 15.0

I am announcing the release of RoloFlex 2009 due out within 30 days...

RoloFlex Pro 2009 contains upgrades for virtually ALL the suggestions we have had for RoloFlex:

New Features Available Today:
* Import EMail Contacts into RoloFlex from Outlook, GMail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.
* Birthdays of People entry: and reminders
* Customizable categories for attributes [ Source, Category, Rep, Status are all RENAMABLE now ]
* Default the values of the attribues [ Source, Category, Rep, Status ] to make data entry faster
* Default the CITY, STATE, POSTAL, etc.
* Allow PHOTOS of people to be any size .JPG, etc. image (not just small bitmaps)
* Create your OWN Call History Contact Types [ PHONE, MAIL, etc. ]
* Date of Last Contact automatically saved.
* Reports on CONTACT ACTIVITY available.

ALSO: There are many small improvements, touchups, and features such as Microsoft Office MailMerge.

Here is the VIDEO INTRO on RoloFlex PRO : click this link to play the Rolo* Pro Video: Click For RoloFlex2009 Video

As a RoloFlex user, you know that the software is highly effective, reliable, and polished: This is a fantastic new release, packed with features.

All RoloFlex Users will receive an upgrade offer within 30 days.

Peter A Donovan
Applause Software of Boston, MA USA