Friday, October 27, 2006

Top 2 Reasons To Use A Visual DataFlex WebApp

Top 2 reasons to interface your current data with the web with Visual DataFlex Web Applications

Visual DataFlex WebApp (TM of Data Access Worldwide of Miami) is a tool used by (Applause Software) and the (NEDC) two of the premier Visual DataFlex specialists in the USA.

Type 1

Your website collects prospect data in the form of email or CSV and you must manually compare the results to your prospect database and manually type in new data thru your windows or dos programs. Some companies write scripts to "parse" the email but changes to the email format require reprogramming and the "batch parsing" routines make response to the emails slow.
With a Visual DataFlex WebApp, your incoming queries from the web are automatically fed directly to the correct on-file customer or a new customer/prospect record is created. When the prospect lead comes in, you feed the inquiry directly to the sales manager via email (to assign to a CSR or salesrep) and a reply email is sent back to the inquirer with your chosen text indicating that you received their information and that you will be in touch shortly. Determination if the inquiry is a customer or prospect is made instantly at the time of the inquiry and response time is immediate. Example of Type 1 LIVE Visual DataFlex WebApp: Sports Travel And Tours Inc.

Type 2

Your phones are ringing too much with customer inquiries that could be eliminated thru a sharing of data online where the customer logs into their account and can view their inventory, outstanding debt, status of sales orders, etc. (customized to your need) and save the phone from ringing.
With a Visual DataFlex WebApp from Sonata Software, or NEDC, your chosen data is shared securely in a customized format designed by you, and passes thru a login page to data that has 4 levels of security built into it including a datadictionary object that determines whether data can be changed/entered, etc. based on your needs. A subset of your data can be shared on a dedicated PC running XP Pro: no need for investment in a Linux or Unix based server thru a technology from Microsoft called IIS (internet information services).
Bonus: Your data does not have to be in a certain format: Visual DataFlex and WebApp are transparent "front ends" which can share and collect data to DataFlex tables, MS SQL tables, IBM DB2 tables, etc. or a combination of all.
Both these options give you 24/7/365 presence to serve your market.
Example of Type 2 LIVE webapp: American Data Storage Inc.

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