Friday, March 16, 2007

Trademark Turnaround!

[Title:] Trademark Turnaround

Concerning the trademark of Sonata Software LTD previously posted by Peter A Donovan was an article concerning a trademark owned by Sonata Software LTD which could be construed as criticizing Sonata Software LTD for enforcing such.
This is an apology letter to Sonata Software LTD concerning same.


Points Of Apology::
Since I posted my article about Sonata Software LTD enforcing their trademark on the word Sonata in conjunction with developing and marketing business software I have come to realize that;

1. They have every right to enforce their trademark since I had references to my former business under a similar name on the web describing me as performing the same functions as the trademark held by Sonata Software LTD..

2. If Sonata Software LTD did NOT enforce their trademark they could set a precedent which could negate their trademark and damage the company’s investment.

* Now, my business (renamed) is in the same shoes as Sonata Software LTD (Applause TM Software) where I am "composing" this letter to say that I must now also enforce my trademark in the same manner as Sonata Software LTD on the word "Applause" in conjunction with developing and marketing business software and creation of dynamic content web sites.

In my dealings with the Attorney for Sonata Software LTD I have been treated with patience and they have taken the time to explain our mutual dilemna and their position as described above with courtesy and professionalism and I now regret any aspersions I have cast against this company in my previous post in my journal news story and blog.

Where I went wrong!:
I began my DataFlex software business license in 1991 from Data Access Worldwide under the name of Sonata Software without checking if a similar business existed under the same name. For me, the term "Sonata" was a personal term for "moonlighting" since the Moonlight Sonata is my favorite musical composition by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Sonata #14. The sonata is the third most common form of classical musical venue after the symphony and the concerto.

I am hereby giving up all claims to the company name "Sonata Software" and moving on to Applause Software, operating the same business began in 1991 under a new name.

I am also moving the ownership of 2 previously operated sites "SonataSoftware.US" and "SonataSoftware.Biz" to Sonata Software LTD as part of our settlement agreement which meets my approval since I do not operate either anymore.

Former Clients Of Peter A Donovan:
Please find me now at http://www.ApplauseSoftware.Com (781) 968-5240 Still in the same location.

Applause TM Software: A Visual DataFlex Consultancy:
Nothing except my new business name Applause TM Software (I am learning) has changed except the name transition, and Applause Software is the hoped for end result of my efforts for each client!

My Trademark Applause.:
Applause designates my business of developing and marketing custom software for business needs and for developing (currently Electos from the maker of Visual DataFlex) dynamic content publishing websites.

DataFlex began in the days of CPM when "I-CODE" and when DOS began, DataFlex was in the forefront of options and was chosen by a great many companies for it's "FLEX" ability and the English language syntax which is easy to learn similar to COBOL.

My Toolset: Visual DataFlex:
VDF, or Visual DataFlex is the PC (Vista/Windows) version of DOS DataFlex which has been successfully migrated to a world class development studio for database and web to database applications in a RAD (rapid application development) environment especially and specifically suited to database programs.

Backends and FrontEnds:
A "backend" is the database operating environment behind the screen where the data is saved. Visual DataFlex is a "transparent front end", creating programs that can run on most major "backends" such as DataFlex itself, Express SQL, My SQL, IBM DB2, Pervasive, etc.

Sonata Software LTD Clients and Prospective Clients:
If any person reading this review is seeking to contact Sonata Software LTD please do so at www.SonataSoftware.Com.

Intentions: In any future dealings with other companies named "Applause" involved in the same business as my trademark, I intend to extend the same professionalism and courtesy that Sonata Software LTD has shown me.

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