Thursday, July 24, 2008

Visual DataFlex Class~ Instruction via Internet

Internet Or In-Person Instruction In Visual DataFlex:
*Highly Competitive with Data Access Rates!

"The wide open possiblities of coding techniques can be explained in conceptual terms so that you code to form a solid foundation for your application based on correct OOPS programming concepts."

Internet Instruction Benefits:
"a 10-20 hour course @ $80 per hour using your application will cover all of the topics of a classroom environment without the travel, hotel, and inconvenience and produce usable and functional code for you to implement at your company and use as a reference".

"GoToMyPC, PCAnywhere, VNC, or other communication software puts us on the same desktop together, while we discuss the challenges you are facing and decide upon the most useful tools available to use, and the best OOPS techniques to use to accomplish your goal."

Global Internet Instruction:
Applause Software can offer voiceover communication while we codevelop your application thru instruction: please see: which allows free communication from Applause to you with the use of a headset with microphone.

Kindly reach Peter A Donovan at for further details!

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