Thursday, September 20, 2007

Publising an article about Visual DataFlex

Publicity for Visual DataFlex:

I am writing this article specifically geared for Visual DataFlex developers who would like to write an article publicizing your views or information about visual dataflex...

I personally have tried to publicize VDF thru article writing, and posting to different sources, and would recommend the following strategy to anyone who would like to do the same:

In looking for publicity for Visual DataFlex and other associated products, I use this resource to locate a suitable article site:

Manhattan Service is a SEO optimization help site, but specifically a inner link especially for articles:

which lists [at the bottom] a number of article sites which accept free articles.

Now, from experience, I recommend 2 sites from this list:




The compelling reasons I recommend these two sites are:

[1] Will my article be formatted nicely and not cluttered with advertisements on key words within my article?
[2] Will the page rank [power to make the article stand out on google] be high enough to effectively publicize my work?
[3] Are the site underwriting standards tough enough to eliminate spam articles so that my article will not be cluttered by junk articles, AND will it stand a chance of being distributed to other article sites?
[4] Will they review and approve my article in a reasonable time frame?

Sites to avoid:
ISnare - this site effectively only publicizes when you pay and your articles will just hang in limbo until you do.

Secondary Site:
Article Factory - this site has low underwiting standards and your post will disappear in time if not popular, however they feed other channels and my article on Visual DataFlex product review got over 600 views, 21 other sites picked up the article, and it is still up and running.

Note: If you have a blog, and feature articles about Visual DataFlex in the blog, I recommend you visit www.BlogUpper.Com [a child site of Manhattan Service] for assistance there.

If you have a topic to write about, and would like to further the cause of Visual DataFlex, please consider publishing an article or more thru these channels!

Peter A Donovan

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