Monday, September 17, 2007

RoloFlex 12.4 Released Today

RoloFlex 12.4 Released:

RoloFlex 12.4 was released today as a small upgrade to RoloFlex 12.3 which features finishing work to isolate 2 small bugs and add 4 small features.

Features Added:
  • Print List Of RoloFlex Entries
  • Print Envelope
  • Active Toolbar with more choices and data aware highlighting courtesy Peter Brooks [Australia] based on work by Vincent Oorsprong [Netherlands].
  • Color (or colour if you prefer) added to notes courtesy Nat St. Pierre [Canada].

Bugs Fixed:

  • [export all and re-import all did not function properly in all cases]

  • [print lead card was not programmed]

In addition, RoloFlex has been featured in some web articles, and is starting to be offered by some free software download sites:

and featured alongside the release of Visual DataFlex personal edition:

Thanks to all who contributed to this revision,

Peter and Kimberly Donovan

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