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Selection List Upgrade #1

Selection List Programming in Visual DataFlex

Programming a selection [lookup] list in VDF12 can be enhanced with the use of an “enter new” button that allows you to enter a new parent record, and have it “fall thru” the selection list into the data entry program or report.

The selection list has been made such an amazingly easy task by Data Access Worldwide, where a lookup (as pictured below) can be created in just a few clicks and keystrokes.

The Selection List [stock] from the Order Entry Sample Example VDF 12.1 …

The second SL pictured is a great candidate for the addition of an “add new” button.
End result desired pictured here:

… and the add new dialog:

What follows is;

[1] The code from the Modal Dialog
[2] The code from the Selection List

(In VDF 12.1 code)

// dbModalPanel = Popup Dialog for entering new sales person

Use DFClient.pkg
Use SalesP.DD
Use Customer.DD
Use OrderHea.DD
Use DFEntry.pkg

Object SalepAddNewDialog is a dbModalPanel

Property Boolean pbOK
Property RowID priRowID

Object oSalesp_DD is a Salesp_DataDictionary

Set Main_DD to oSalesp_DD
Set Server to oSalesp_DD

Set Label to "Add or Edit Sales Person"
Set Size to 83 308
Set Location to 2 2
Set Border_Style to Border_Dialog
Set Auto_Clear_DEO_State to False // no clear on save

Procedure Popup
Set pbOk to False
Send Clear of oSalesp_DD
Forward Send Popup

Object oSalesP_ID is a dbForm
Entry_Item SalesP.ID
Set Location to 9 91
Set Size to 13 42
Set Label to "Sales Person ID:"

Object oSalesP_Name is a dbForm
Entry_Item SalesP.Name
Set Location to 23 91
Set Size to 13 156
Set Label to "Sales Person Name:"
Set Label_Col_Offset to 2
Set Label_Justification_Mode to JMode_Right

Object oOK_btn is a Button
Set Label to C_$OK
Set Location to 44 185
Set Default_State to True

Procedure OnClick
Handle hServer
RowID riRowID
Move oSalesp_DD to hServer
Send Request_Save
If (Should_Save(hServer)) Procedure_Return
If (not(Current_Record(hServer))) Begin
Send Info_Box "Please Find Or Enter A New Sales Person ~ Then Click Ok"
Get CurrentRowID of hServer to riRowID
Set priRowID to riRowID
Set pbOK to True
Send Close_Panel


Object oCancel_btn is a Button
Set Label to C_$Cancel
Set Location to 44 243

Procedure OnClick
Send Close_Panel


On_Key Key_Alt+Key_O Send KeyAction of oOk_btn
On_Key Key_Alt+Key_C Send KeyAction of oCancel_btn


// Selection List augmented only for the add new button:

Use DFClient.pkg
Use DFSelLst.pkg
Use Windows.pkg

Use SalesP.DD
Use SalepAddNewDialog.dg

CD_Popup_Object SalesP_sl is a dbModalPanel

Set Minimize_Icon to False
Set Label to "Sales People List"
Set Size to 118 265
Set Location to 4 5
Set piMinSize to 97 174

Object SalesP_DD is a SalesP_DataDictionary
End_Object // Salesp_DD

Set Main_DD to SalesP_DD
Set Server to SalesP_DD

Object oSelList is a dbList
Set Main_File to SalesP.File_Number
Set Ordering to 1
Set Size to 71 248
Set Location to 6 6
Set peAnchors to anAll
Set pbHeaderTogglesDirection to True

Entry_Item SalesP.ID
Entry_Item SalesP.Name

Set Form_Width 0 to 40
Set Header_Label 0 to "ID"

Set Form_Width 1 to 200
Set Header_Label 1 to "Sales Person Name"

End_Object // oSelList

Object oOK_bn is a Button
Set Label to "&Ok"
Set Location to 81 97
Set peAnchors to anBottomRight
Set Default_State to True

Procedure OnClick
Send OK To oSelList

End_Object // oOK_bn

Object oCancel_bn is a Button
Set Label to "&Cancel"
Set Location to 81 151
Set peAnchors to anBottomRight

Procedure OnClick
Send Cancel To oSelList

End_Object // oCancel_bn

Object oSearch_bn is a Button
Set Label to "&Search..."
Set Location to 81 205
Set peAnchors to anBottomRight

Procedure OnClick
Send Search To oSelList

End_Object // oSearch_bn

Object oAddNew_bn is a Button
Set Label to "&Add New"
Set Location to 81 8
Set peAnchors to anBottom

Procedure OnClick
Handle hModalDialog
Move (SalepAddNewDialog(Self)) to hModalDialog
Send Popup of hModalDialog
If (pbOk(hModalDialog)) Begin
Send FindByRowID of (Server(Self)) Salesp.File_Number (priRowID(hModalDialog))
Send Display of oSelList
Send Ok of oSelList


On_Key Key_Alt+Key_A Send KeyAction of oAddNew_bn
On_Key Key_Alt+Key_O Send KeyAction of oOk_bn
On_Key Key_Alt+Key_C Send KeyAction of oCancel_bn
On_Key Key_Alt+Key_S Send KeyAction of oSearch_bn

CD_End_Object // SalesP_sl


End Result of Code:

The code above results in a “drop-thru” of the new Sales Person entered and puts their ID/intials in the data entry view without stopping at the selection list.
Peter A Donovan
Applause Software
September, 2007

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